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When we purchased our first Chopper 4 from OZtrikes in 2007, in Victoria there were 5 dedicated Trike Tour Operations, in different parts of the state, all of which were like mine, a small hobby business working from home, so why Franchise?

One by by one they moved on, selling their Trikes, or putting them in the garage, keeping them for special occasions.  None were full time and over the next couple of years, I spoke to many of theses operators, not just here in Victoria, to get a better understanding of their business models, at the same time looking for ways to improve ours.

While the reasons for moving away from Tours were not always the same, one part was consistent, “no money”.

Money in needs to be more than money out, for any business model, and in understanding the hobby business approach, considering the cost of our Three Wheeled Excitement Machines, realistically  an endeavour like this will always stay as a hobby, without some different strategies.

I am sure that what we offer, the quality of the tour product, the ability of the Tour Guide/Rider and all else that goes with a Trike Tour, with our Business Model continuing at this stage, succeeding in taking Tours on Trike to new levels of success.

It is more a Lifestyle than a Franchise

Our first five year Victorian Franchises , we have (only) Four (4) in Melbourne available (Don’t delay – you may miss out) 

That is not to say it’s been easy, far from it.  Nothing about running a small  business is easy, you have to stay focused always looking for ways to improve.  We have had many hiccups along the way, probably more to come, and I am sure that Tourism Operations will always be challenged.

Now, back to Franchising and why……we have celebrated our 9th birthday and this is where our business experience has helped with how, when and where we do our Trike Tours,  What is successful, what doesn’t work, and most importantly what do our customers tell us.  Add to this my greatest critics, the five girls in my life (my family) plus we always listen to our Riders and their input.

Along the way we have discovered a couple of secrets, while not “Rocket Science” this has helped immensely in what we deliver to our customers that does differentiate us from other operators. Now I am a little reluctant to share everything in this blog, all the advice we have received, as well as our learnings, what we do and how we do it are refined to the point that we know we deliver an excellent product and as the Melbourne Operation all happens from our current location, the delivery is well controlled, our processes are refined to be consistent and our approach is all customer focused and monitored appropriately.


Our intention for Melbourne is to have four (4) franchises based on one weekday every week and one (1) weekend a month at Trike HQ, so they are part time, you dedicate the same day every week, and as well as your time in Docklands, you can have your own exclusive territory. So depending on your other commitments, you can be as busy as your life requires, doing Tours on other days if you are available which will add to your income, and best of all, it’s a lifestyle I wish I had found long before 2007, when I first discovered what a Trike was.

I worked a long time in the Corporate world, the money was good, the pressures immense and the work was extremely difficult, so if you enjoy the wind in your face, the freedom feeling you get with being on a bike/trike and you are chasing that lifestyle dream, keep us in mind, come and say hello…. there may be some extra benefits and guarantees…..so don’t delay…I’m always up for a coffee (& a chat) just let me know…..and if it’s not for you that’s okay too, I am sure our conversation will be beneficial for both of us…..

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And thanks for reading the blog …..


Alan  & Johanna M

(Alan is sometimes called the TrikeMan……)

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