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It’s winter here in Melbourne, coldest winter we have had here in a while…..just ask me…I’ve lived here for a long, long time… this TrikeMan is not “Out & About” quite as much this winter, still busy though, just not as often.

So it gives me a little bit more time to sit in the warm and Blog away……I hope you enjoy the read…..

I am a Trike Tour Guide, have been now for almost eight years, before that I worked in the Corporate IT World and I have spent most of my adult life living in and around Melbourne.   Apart from feeling quite fortunate with what I do, along the way I have collected lots of little bits of knowledge about all sorts of things “Melbourne.”

So while much of this information is quite subjective, here are a few of my favourite choices….

Best Hamburger in Melbourne?          Andrew’s Hamburgers (Albert Park)

Best Breakfast?                                             Sandbar on the Beach (Sth Melbourne)

Errol’s (North Melbourne)

Cargo (Docklands)                                                                               

Best Fish & Chips                                         Conway’s (Footscray)

Fisherman’s Co-op (Apollo Bay)

Best Local Hotel                                            Courthouse (Nth Melbourne)

                                                                                Woolshed Pub (Docklands)

                                                                                Harbour Town Hotel (Docklands)

                                                                                (Don’t make me choose okay!!!)

Best Light Lunch                                          Jerry’s MilkBar (Elwood)

                                                                                SandBar (Sth Melbourne)

                                                                                Rolling Pin Bakery (Queenscliff)

Best Cakes                                                        Jack Rabbit Winery (Bellarine)

                                                                                (Wine is also superb…)

                                                                                Errol’s (Nth Melbourne)

Best Coffee                                                       De Gusto (Docklands)

                                                                               Errol’s (Nth Melbourne)

                                                                               Jack Rabbit Winery (Bellarine)

Something completely different          Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

                                                                               Willows Tea House (Airey’s Inlet)

                                                                               Anglesea General Store

I do know that this is a personal choice certainly when it comes to coffee, however the world’s most liveable city has good coffee most places (…selling not  so terrific  coffee is NOT good for business…) and the places mentioned here are part of our Three Wheeled Adventure Trike Tours.

With our Three Wheeled Adventures, we do get about, plus we are always refining where we go, where we stop and everything that goes with one of our Trike Tours.

Just in case you are thinking this is all about food…..well I suppose you are right.  We are having a particularly cold winter, so thoughts of a hot coffee (& a piece of cake…) instantly you feel a bit warmer.  (Well this TrikeMan does anyway….)

With the weekend coming up, Tours booked both Saturday & Sunday (we still have some space for more….) we are at the half way point of winter, so warmer weather is on the horizon… it can only get warmer from here…….

So before you ask the Question;

“What do you when it is cold TrikeMan?”

You just wear more clothes……

Exciting times here in Docklands, watch out for our next Blog and as always…….thanks for taking the time to read the Blog.


Alan M

(Sometimes called the TrikeMan)

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