Business Opportunity (On a Trike)

Business Opportunity with Tours on Trike

“A Lifestyle and a Once in a Lifetime Business Opportunity”

Tours on Trike (Business Opportunity)


In the news at the moment it is all about Small Business Opportunities and Tax Breaks from the Government and as always as we move into the New Year, I am  sure that like me, many small business owners, entrepreneurs and those of you who relish the opportunity to own your own business, sit down and reflect about where we all are, how business is going, what’s out there on offer and so on…….

I still sit back and wonder, where I would be now, had I not found out about Trikes way back in 2007 and what sort of work I would be doing in the corporate world with all the stresses and pressures that come with it.


So today, I sit here blabbering away on this Blog, fingers madly punching the keys on my laptop, feeling quite blessed as the Docklands TrikeMan.  Our business has this morning just received a couple of wonderful Trip Advisor Reviews, I have chatted on the telephone with one of our guests for this weekend about pickup time, helmets, gloves and jackets, replied to a couple of email enquiries, as well as putting up some Social Media Posts for all our friends to see.

The weather this weekend looks to be good, our book is almost full with Tours, so I am looking forward to a busy weekend “Out & About” on our Three Wheeled Excitement Machines.

Anyway……back to this Business Opportunity …………

If you are an Entrpreneur looking for that “Once in a Lifetime” opportunity, please consider this………

Our Victorian Trike Tour Franchise is that opportunity

  • Business Opportunity  is Part Time
  • Your Business & Your Three Wheeled Excitement Machine
  • Complete Business Operations (Everything…) is set up for you
  • Training and ongoing support all included
  • Five (5) Year Franchise
  • Exclusive Territory
  • You could be up and running within weeks
  • $$ Revenue Guarantees

You can read more about our business here;

(Franchise Ad)

Once you have read all about our Business and that Lifestyle Opportunity, please contact us as soon as you can, we have a “ONCE ONLY” offer on the table for our Docklands Franchise if signed up by January 2017 (one …… and only one at this price) that will give you that chance you have been looking for.

$??????           5 Year Franchise (Including your own BoomTrike…..) 

Call it an Special New Year Offer, call it a Bargain (it is), call it Unbelievable (well it’s not…) there is only one at this price and when its gone, it is absolutely gone.

We also looking to establish Master Franchises interstate, including on going Mentoring of your established Business if you already have one.

You could be up and running in your own Business within weeks, we have Trikes for purchase as we speak…… I have said…….this is a Lifestyle Opportunity that is not to be missed…(only 4 in Melbourne)……

We look forward to having a chat, discussing the offer. seeing if this is the right lifestyle option for you and just generally see where the conversation will take us to……..

Welcome to the wonderful world of Triking, let’s see if we have that Lifestyle Change you have been looking for……


Alan & Johanna Maxwell
Telephone (03) 9670 6930 
International +61 3 9670 6930
Booking Hotline 0439 75 3928
TRIKE HQ (Now on the Waterfront)
6/198 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands, Vic. 3008
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