Disabled Access for Trike Tours

Disabled Access

Disabled Access for Trike Tours

Enquiries about disabled access for our Trike Tours are increasing as Melbourne Tours on Trike becomes better known in the Melbourne Tourism marketplace.

Today, people with a disability or impairment are more adventurous than ever before for a variety of reasons, with impairment and disabled access nowadays much more advanced and available.

The thought of a Harley ride at least once in your life, I think is on most people’s “Bucket List” however for some it’s just not an option.  Balance on a motorbike can be problematic for some, as well as sitting unaided as a pillion and in some situations even a sidecar may not be suitable either.

Make no mistake, riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle is a wonderful experience so if the opportunity is there, please take it as best you can and just enjoy it. Here in Melbourne their are several Harley Operators who I can recommend, please contact me for details.

So….back to disabled and impairment access for our Trike Tours. Our Three Wheeled  Adventures only differ slightly from a Harley Ride, you still get the wind in your face, the freedom feeling, and the “Whoosh” (as I call it) when you zip along at speed. For a passenger, balance is not an issue, the two passenger seats have armrest supports on the outside of each seat of the BoomTrike, plus the support bar across the front securing, the passengers behind the rider. The helmets, gloves, jackets are all part of the deal and as our Trikes are wired for sound, you can talk to each other on the Tour.  Our BoomTrikes can take a Rider an two (2) passengers, so the ability to share the experience makes it more memorable as well. This allows a Family member or Carer to sit alongside and offer support as required.

As I mentioned earlier, requests for impairment and disabled access are becoming more frequent for us now, as we become better known and without doubt it is the most fulfilling part of this TrikeMan’s Job……it’s more a lifestyle really..these tours just make it more special….

I am not sure how to express my experiences into words, I get still get a bit choked up sometimes with a couple of them, however here we go….

Very early in our business, a mother enquired about a tour for her son, talked about living on the edge, taking every moment as it comes, and was on a journey to treat her son to all the excitement she could. Our Trike Tour was on that bucket list, so we happily agreed to see what we could do.  “Mum” (as I will call her) had cared for her now adult son since birth, his brain worked excellently, his body just wouldn’t coordinate properly, he was wheelchair bound, with a 24 hour carer.

They arrived in a big Taxi, and when he saw the trike, he almost jumped out of his wheelchair, he was so excited.  We fitted his helmet, seat belted him in the middle seat and with Mum on one side and the carer on the other, we went on a Melbourne and Docklands trike tour.

He jumped and bumped all the way, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and we returned safe and sound, Mum and Carer were happy and he was ecstatic.  He kept saying “I love you Mum” over and over.  For me & Johanne (my lovely wife & business partner) it was quite an emotional moment.

Afterwards and in his own way, he reached out his hand to me, we shook hands, he made eye contact with me and said “Thank You”…..I still get quite emotional about it.

The next day they were off to see the snow….

We have also taken people young and old who are affected by Autism, which presents different challenges.  The first time a young boy was excited about the trike, a little dubious about the helmet but was scared by the exhaust noise, so that tour didn’t happen.  Now we make sure that everybody else is dressed up in their jackets and helmets leaving them till last, just as reassurance. Someone else is on the trike first, preferably a family member, once again this is about reducing the “Unknown”

For one non verbal Autistic boy for his 8th Birthday, his father and brother decided a Trike Tour was to be the celebration, his father was concerned about the outcome, we followed the process, he was last for the helmet and our little man jumped on the trike, no problem.

When we returned to Trike HQ after the tour, Dad told me, “you’ve done okay if you get a High-Five”…… He gave me a Double handed High-Five….his Dad had a tear in his eye….this Birthday Tour just made my day. (I got a bit emotional too)

You probably see reading this, these impairment and disabled access type tours for me are a bit special, they make my day, and we do strive to run them when we can….

So….the challenges about impairment and disabled access are many, I’m sure we have really only had contact with a few.  However if we can help tick off that “Bucket List” experience, a phone call will tell you the answer….this TrikeMan is more than happy to help if he can……

Safe and happy riding to all…. It’s always a good day for a Trike Ride…

…….and thanks for reading my blog….

(anecdote….just before publishing this…I had it proof read by Johanna .. ….yep still quite a bit of emotion in all this for us……)

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