Early Bird Discount – Get in Early & Save

Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount – Get in Early & Save

There is always lots of things to do in Melbourne, so get in early and save.  So if you are planning to come to Melbourne, get yourself organised,  just don’t listen to our Accountant.  The Accountant  thinks the TrikeMan has gone mad giving such a big Early Bird Discount.

“It’s all about our Customers!” the TrikeMan said…….

“They just love our Trike Tours” the TrikeMan repeated….

(You’re MAD…the accountant said!!!)

We know our Trike Tours are “Special” and we know that many of our visitors plan their visit to Melbourne early, make your booking now, before our Bean Counter knocks the TrikeMan over with his BeanBag. 

So to get that “EARLY BIRD” Special Pricing now you can Pre-Book your Trike Tour for your Visit to Melbourne.  This Early Bird Discount Pricing DISAPPEARS on July 30th 2018, so DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY…….

20% Discount!!

(For Bookings from September 1st 2018)

Enter the following code in Voucher Field (bottom of the Reservation Page)


Terms & Conditions

  • TrikeMan’s Treat (2 hour) Trike Tour 
  • Out & About (Half Day) Trike Tour
  • Early Bird Discount Price…Available till July 30th 2018
  • Tours can be taken From September 1st 2018
  • (Discount not available for other tours)
  • Online bookings only (Telephone Bookings N/A)
  • No other Discounts apply
  • Includes Terms & Conditions as listed on the website

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