Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       I want make a booking but the date I want is greyed out on the Calendar.

a.       Not all of our tours are scheduled every day or the date you are looking for has already been booked out.  If the time you want is not available, someone else may have already booked that tour time. (You can call to discuss)

2.       Can you take Disabled or Impaired persons on your Trike Tours?

a.       Please see our Blog (Impairment & Disabled Access) 

3.       What happens if it rains on the day of our tour? 

a.       Our first option is to reschedule, we will contact you on the day of your tour should Melbourne’s weather get in the way. As a Visitor to Melbourne, if you are concerned about the weather when making your booking, schedule it for early in your visit to allow some flexibility for rebooking the time. 

4.       We need to cancel our tour, do we get a refund? 

a.       36 hours of notice is required when cancelling a booking.  We try to be reasonably flexible, preferring rescheduling to a suitable future time & date, however with no other options & you have supplied sufficient notice, we will happily supply a refund. All cancellations do incur an administration fee.  This is clearly stated in our Terms and Conditions.  

5.       How much is your administration fee? 

a.       We only look to cover our Credit Card, Bank or any other Fees associated with the booking (that are outside our control) which normally amounts to between $10 & $20, depending on which Credit Card you use.

b. All Full Day Tours (only) the administration fee is 10% of the total Payment amount.

c.  Three Day Safari bookings have a 20% administration fee. (Travel Insurance is Recommended).

d.  We accept all Major Credit Cards (Including  AMEX) and there are NO CREDIT CARD CHARGES with our bookings. 

6.       What sort of clothes do we wear? 

a.       We request you wear long trousers or jeans, socks & covered shoes or boots with a jacket or coat to match Melbourne’s Weather.  We supply Helmets, Weatherproof Jackets & Gloves and as we travel quite fast during our Tours substantial clothing is recommended. 

7.       It’s really cold, should we wear extra clothing? 

a.       While our tours are a lot of fun and a great adventure, it is no fun being cold. As a passenger on the BoomTrikes your lower legs, ankles and neck areas are exposed to the weather, so we recommend good thick socks and shoes or boots plus as we supply open face helmets, a scarf is recommended.   

8.       How old do you have to be as a passenger on the BoomTrike?

a.       Victorian Law requires pillion passengers on Motorcycles to be 8 years of age or older. 

9.       How many Passengers do the Trikes carry? 

a.       Up to Two (2) Passengers plus the rider (your Tour Guide) 

10.   Is there a passenger weight limit? 

a.       For all 2 Passengers, the total is 198 Kgs.  Each Passenger should not be heavier than 110Kgs. We have some (a little) flexibility with this however our experience is that being over this limit it is quite “squeezy”.

b.       The space between the Support Bar and the back of the PASSENGER SEAT is  34cms.

Please contact via telephone to discuss if this is a concern.  (03 9670 6930)

11.   What happens if I cancel the booking? 

a.       If you have supplied more than 36 hours notice we will supply a refund, less an administration fee. For cancellations with no or insufficient notice, we reserve the right to invoke the “No Show” provision which is clearly stated in our terms and conditions.  We do try to be flexible about cancellations, preferring to reschedule wherever possible.  

12.   Can we get a specialised Tour where we decide where we go? 

a.       We do special tours depending on your requirements.  Contact us preferably by Telephone (or email) to discuss your specific requirements 

13.   When is the best time to be taking one of your Trike Tours? 

a.       All of our advertised tours have been refined over time to allow for Melbourne’s traffic and to supply a great experience for you the customer. If you are a Visitor to Melbourne, we suggest that you book your tour early in your visit as our Tour Guides are a wealth of information about where to go and what is happening in Melbourne.  

14.   We want to be picked up from home, which is some distance from the City.  How do you work out the cost? 

a.       Our charges are based on an hourly rate for the time of the tour, including travel from & return to our Docklands base. 

15.   We have not been to Melbourne before, which is the best tour? 

a.       All our tours are a great experience, however the feedback we get from our customers is that a one hour tour is not long enough to get a good overview of Melbourne , especially for our first time visitors. 

16.   Do I need to book online, or can I just walk into your Docklands Trike HQ? 

a.       Docklands Trike HQ is open daily, however to ensure you get your preferred Tour at the time and date which is best for you, we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment. (We are very busy in the warmer weather & weekends).  

17.   Do you run tours on really HOT Melbourne Days? 

a.       If you are concerned about Melbourne’s hot weather, consider our City Nightime Delights Tour.  The Tour starts at dusk, with Melbourne’s Lights at night being an Absolute Delight. 

18.   I am unsure about booking one of your tours online at your website.  What other options do I have? 

a.       Please contact our booking hotline which is monitored 9am – 9pm Daily. Our Operator will discuss and confirm your booking. 

19.   What times do your tours run?

a.      We have different tours running ALL Day – EVERY Day. All tour times can be viewed on the Website. (Click the “Book a Tour” button)

20.    How do we work out the size of the helmet?

a.       The size is based on the circumference around your head at forehead level. Using a tape measure or a length of string to work out the  CMs.  

(See Table below as a Guide)


 Helmet Sizing


 1. Small – Medium


 2. Medium – Large


 3. Large – Extra Large


 4. XLarge – XXLarge