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BoomTrike Mustang Thunderbird


Melbourne Tours on Trike is now well into Year 9 as a Docklands Tourism Business, and in that time our Big Three Wheeled Excitement Machines have evolved in to our Fully Imported BoomTrikes that you see in the picture.

These Big Blue “Taxis” are quite an upgrade from our original Chopper 4 OZtrikes with a VW motor, 4 speed manual gearbox and everything that comes with technology 30+ years old.

Our BoomTrike goes very fast, it is really quite powerful, plus it is an Absolute Dream to ride.

We are frequently asked “Is that a VW?”  “What size is the Motor?”  “Is it an an old Bug Motor?” and while it is always nice to have somebody take a bit of notice of the Trikes, I thought I might share some details on our blog…(its been a while….)


BoomTrike Mustang Thunderbird Family

  1.  Engine: 2 lt Peugeot
  2. Power: 140 HP (103 KW)

  3. Fuel system: Electronic injection

  4. Ignition: Electronic ignition

  5. Cooling: Water cooled

  6. Transmission: 4 Speed Automatic

  7. Max Speed: 195 Km/h

  8. Fuel capacity: 38 ltr.

  9. Fuel consumption: 6-7 ltr per 100 km

  10. Type of fuel: Premium

  11. Suspension rear: Alu trailing arm with adjustable shock absorber

  12. Suspension front: Adjustable Shock absorber

  13. Dry Weight: 615 kg

  14. Load capacity: 310 kg

  15. Brakes: Integral boosted disc brakes

  16. Seats:  Three (Rider & two Passengers)

  17. Length 3590 mm Width 1810 mm
  18. Height: 125Omm

  19. Colours: Blue,

  20. Warranty: 1 year or 20,000 km

BoomTrike Models have been imported into Australia since 2012, they meet all the Australian Design Requirements (ADRs) and currently there are just over 80 in total in Australia.

The Big Three (3) Seater BoomTrike, there are only 12, so they are not all that well known, plus most people have never seen one before, making them stand out whenever we are “Out & About” on our Trike Tours.

This TrikeMan cannot help but smile whenever he sees the amazing look of surprise from people in and around Melbourne. There is certainly a “Look at Me” factor, and while being a Trike Tour Guide is how I earn my living, realistically riding the BoomTrike with guests on a Three Wheeled Adventure Trike Tour, really it’s a Lifestyle not just a job.

Thank you for reading my blog, and should you ever venture to Docklands Melbourne, we do look forward to taking you on your own Three Wheeled Adventure………..Talk to you all soon………


Alan M

(Sometimes called the TrikeMan…)

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