“Now there’s a Good Idea” – Some History

Business Opportunity with Tours on Trike

As a young man who grew up in North East Victoria, riding motorbikes was a past time for most of us, so married life, mortgages, babies, family cars eventually took their toll on my Three Motorbikes, (& my 76 Monaro…) so in 2007 with our two little girls all grown up, with their own life and not depending on Mum & Dad anymore (well almost…anyway), I suggested to my lovely lady, “What about we get a Harley and live a bit……”

“Now there’s a good idea!!”

So once I picked myself off the floor (Stunned & Shocked I was), I went looking for a Harley….and in my research I came across a Chopper 4 OZtrike.  Never having seen one before, I took it for a ride and was instantly hooked, and eventually I bought a new one, to our own specifications, it was duly delivered by Johann from OZtrikes, and no sooner was it registered, knocks on the front door became common place from lots of new found friends…….

“It’s nice to meet you Alan, can we go for a Trike Ride”……..yep new friends…..

It didn’t take long to realise that there is maybe a business here, so my little Hobby Business was born.  I was still working in the Corporate World and suddenly both Joh & I found our jobs transferred into the CBD making the twice daily drive from the edge of suburbia to the CBD & return a real chore…..1.5 hours each way…and that was on a good day……

We loved our beautiful house, and much as we enjoyed each other’s company, there had to be a better life than sitting in the car, stuck in traffic all the time……so we rented a small apartment in Docklands ( our girls said 6 months…you’re too old for Docklands)…. That was over 8 years ago, we eventually painted & sold the house, and now we live in a Docklands Apartment which overlooks the Harbour.  I may be a bit “Old” as my girls constantly remind me, however for two girls who didn’t want to come to the City with us, the request for keys when we have some time away, is a consistent conversation.

My little hobby business slowly grew, a website, an online booking system, and finally a Street Front Shop Address in 2010, a couple of terrific part time riders, and finally in 2011 I decided enough was  enough of the Corporate World for this TrikeMan, and I jumped full time into Tours on Trike.

It’s never easy being in your own business, with Tourism being notoriously patchy, so my travels in the Trike World, I have studied almost all the Trike Tour Operators in Australia, coming very quickly to understand that a Hobby like this can be a lot of fun but seldom will it achieve much as a business.  Our almost eight (8) years in Docklands show we have something more than a hobby.

We do expect to have our first Franchise up and running sometime soon.

It has been an amazing journey to date, we have some terrific Tour Guides, our Franchise set up is about to take off,  we have refined all our tours, our customers come from all round the world, they consistently tell us our Trike Tours are a wonderful experience, I just wish that I had discovered this a lot earlier than 2007,  because it is a fantastic lifestyle,  all our guests are happy (on holidays mostly), Docklands is a wonderful place to live, work & play plus we are part of a great growing community here.

I am sure there are more happenings at Tours on Trike to come, later in 2015 will see our 8th birthday , maybe a special birthday Tour offer……… so Watch this Space


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