The Tour Franchise

The Trike Tour Franchise

When you invest in our Trike Tour Franchise, you are investing in an enviable Lifestyle not just another job.  You get to meet people from all over the world, people who are on holidays mostly, who very happy to see you and enjoy the experience.

The opportunity to be around happy people all the time, to enjoy YOUR work every minute of the day, have YOUR own Business as well as  earning an income………it is a most enviable way of life. 

I wish I had found this wonderful lifestyle many years before I did…….

The Victorian Franchise

The nuts and bolts of the Franchise are;

  • Your investment includes the Franchise Fee, (5 year Franchise plus 2 x5 year options), the initial Regulatory Requirements, full Trike Tour Guide Training and your vehicle  (A Big Blue Three Wheeled Excitement Machine)
  • Your initial Franchise Fee includes a set of customer helmets, jackets, gloves etc….
  • There is extra customer equipment available at Trike HQ
  • You are trained to be an outstanding Trike Tour Guide
  • You come to Docklands Trike HQ one (same) weekday a week (Mon, Tue, Wed, or Thu)
  • You also come one (1) weekend a month (Friday, Sat & Sun)
  • Be available at least one (1) or possibly (2) other weekdays when we are busy.
  • In Docklands you take Customers on Trike Tours as part of YOUR Franchise.
  • Mostly our Tours are structured (set routes & times) with flexibility for special requests
  • Marketing,  Advertising, Social Media and other printed Documentation are all in place
  • Our Fully secured On-Line Booking Systems only accept bookings on payment, so Franchisees are paid weekly
  • You enjoy being an outstanding Trike Tour Guide, we do most everything else.

In saying we do mostly everything else, what we supply is;

  • Trike HQ, located squarely in the Docklands Tourism Precinct for our Guests
  • Right next to Tram Stop D2 (Trams in the CBD are FREE)
  • Telephone contact (monitored 9am to 9pm daily)
  • Detailed & up to date Website
  • Fully Secured On-Line Booking Facility
  • Credit Card Facility at Trike HQ
  • Confirmation emails etc… after bookings are made
  • Complete coordination of all Tours
  • Substantial equipment for our Customers, (Helmets, jackets etc…)
  • Revenue Guarantees (Conditions apply..)

There will be four (4) Franchisees, with the Franchisor (TrikeMan) being a back up Tour Guide if and when required, delivering each of the Franchisees an equal share of the 12 month period.

Check out what our Customers say;

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In Terms of Docklands as part of the investment, each Franchisee agrees to work;

  • 52 weekdays a year (same weekday every week)
  • 12 weekends a year (Friday, Sat & Sun once a month)
  • Other times when we are busy (depending on your availability)
  • It is a PART-TIME Franchise
  • Upwards of $37,000 Revenue (Conservative Estimation)
  • Limitless Potential to Grow
  • Specific Revenue Guarantees may be offered to make YOUR investment more attractive and secure.

In terms of YOUR Designated Territory, as part of YOUR Franchise;

  • We will help you develop YOUR Territory
  • We will help you build YOUR Own Business
  • We will invest part of YOUR Franchisee Fee doing this
  • We will support YOUR Business
  • Tours in YOUR Territory will be available On-Line
  • This will be YOUR Exclusive Territory
  • You do this when not in Docklands
  • You are the Trike Tour Guide here.
  • It is your choice how successful YOUR Territory becomes


If you have read our other Blogs, you will have seen that I believe investing in one of our four (4) Franchises is much more cost effective way to start a Trike Tour Business, especially the CASHFLOW aspect of YOUR Business, so I do hope that all this information is valuable to you, as well as helping in your decision making.

This TrikeMan is always up for a chat, of course that is if I am not Out & About on the Trike, so if the thought of having YOUR Own Business, a Trike Tour Business in particular, has engaged the gearbox in your Brain, opened your imagination, or you can almost feel the wind in your face already, I do look forward to discussing with you what we have to offer.

Anybody can be a Tour Guide,  not Everybody can be an Excellent Tour Guide.

As one of our four (4) Franchisees, you will become an Outstanding Trike Tour Guide.

Finally, as always, I look forward to your feedback and thank you for taking the time to read our Blog……..


Alan M.

(Sometimes called the TrikeMan)

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