The Business of being the TrikeMan and his Trike Tours

TrikeMan & is Business

The TrikeMan and his Business

It is a most interesting life being the TrikeMan, understanding that this role really started by accident.

With our first Trike being bought as a big boy’s toy, it really started as a weekend hobby business after family and neighbours were all very keen to go trike riding not all that long after we received the trike from OZtrikes.

It has progressed  a long way since then, now quite firmly entrenched in the Melbourne Docklands Precinct with a good reputation as a unique Visitor’s Melbourne Experience.

Running a Tourism Business is one of only a few businesses, where your customers are mostly on Holiday, always very happy to see you, free of all the stresses that employment and anything else that affects their daily life. From that perspective this TrikeMan feels really quite fortunate.

There are always lots of things to do, with all of our Team here working really hard to make sure that everything in our control (for Tours on Trike) is structured, our customer experiences are  consistent, and that all our tours have substantial elements including, sights to be seen, commentary about Melbourne as well as being an exciting safe Trike Ride.

In the background of our Tour Business there is the Website which includes an inclusive ONLINE Booking System put in place by the TrikeMan (that’s me…..very proud of that achievement) all the Social Media that is published, plus all the required financial administration that has to happen. This of course does not mention keeping our Waterfront Shop tidy, our Trikes need to sparkle, our equipment (helmets etc…) all maintained in a clean healthy condition.

Throw in lots of Trike Tours……it is a busy life.

In reflection of this TrikeMan’s life journey, most of the other employment I have undertaken, this is by far the most rewarding. Overall I am in a good space, with this being more of a Lifestyle than a job. Certain aspects of what I do  jump out, doing Trike Rides for disabled customers especially, plus all the great places our tours visit. (I was down the Great Ocean Road just last week…….)

Any Small Business has its challenges, ours is no different, we rely on people spending their discretionary income, so we need to be spot on with our approach. Tours on Trike needs  to be visible Online, customers must be able to see and find our Business, plus the Customer experience needs to be memorable enough for them to tell or their friends…….and so on….

From a Business  Owner’s Perspective, there is also lots to like.

  • Unique to Melbourne
  • Excellent Reputation
  • Customer Feedback is hugely positive
  • A Terrific Lifestyle

There is also a huge “Look at Me” factor and this TrikeMan would love  $1 (fifty cents would do)  for every time somebody takes a photo (…….I could retire as a very rich man…)

With some of the other blogs on our website, you will notice that I am very keen to share the happiness that our business offers in terms of (part time) Franchises here in Melbourne.

My Vision is progressing to National, with these offers soon to include;

  • Master Franchises Interstate
  • Regional Affiliations (smaller Country based Operators)
  • Strategic Partnerships with other Tourism Operators

In mentioning all this, you may pick up that I am ambitious, just keep in mind that Triking in Australia is just now starting to gain noticeable momentum, so as a full 7 days a week Tourism Enterprise it is a good time to be involved……(Our little Business will be 8 years old in Nov 2015)

Please contact me if I have sparked some interest in a Lifestyle Change….otherwise (as always) thank you for reading my Blog……

Alan M.

(Sometimes called the TrikeMan)

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