The Trike Tour Franchise

Business Opportunity with Tours on Trike

Be the one of only FOUR (4) to join our Trike Tour Franchise?

Tour Franchise Melbourne Tours on TrikeAre you looking to be your own Boss, have your own business that doesn’t need you 8 days a week, one that has an enviable lifestyle, with you doing something that you love (riding a big Three Wheeled Excitement Machine), meeting people from all around the world.  (This TrikeMan has a most enjoyable Lifestyle and a happy happy life….)


How does this sound;

  • Customers and CASHFLOW from the FIRST Day of the Franchise
  • One (Same) Week Day in Docklands Every Week…(This is YOUR Day…)
  • Only 4 available in Melbourne…)
  • One Weekend a Month in Docklands running YOUR Business….
  • Be available one or two other week days when we are busy…
  • It is a PART-TIME Franchise (not 8 days a week)
  • It’s YOUR Business
  • Franchise Guarantee (Conditions Apply)
  • Income Upwards of $37,000 (Remember it’s Part-Time…)
  • YOUR Own Designated Territory to develop (when NOT in Docklands)
  • Be up and running in WEEKS…….

So if this is the Lifestyle Change you are looking for, (it really is more a Lifestyle than a Job…) I can only recommend you contact us as our first Franchisee will be in on the ground floor of this exciting enterprise…….

Read our latest Blog here   (Franchise)…

Talk to you soon……


Alan M.  

(Sometimes called the TrikeMan)

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