Trip Notes – Round the Bay (Full Day) Trike Tour

Full day Trike Tour

Full Day Trike Tour (Round the Bay)

Our Round the Bay Three Wheeled Adventure Full Day Trike Tour is one of our Premium Full Day Trike Tours.  The Trike Tour travels all the way around Port Phillip Bay, it includes a Ferry Trip across the Port Phillip Bay Heads from Queenscliff to Sorrento, and travels approximately 320 Kilometres in total.

On this Full Day Trike Tour we come to your Hotel early in the Day in preparation for a Full Day on the Big Blue BoomTrike  travelling alongside Port Phillip Bay.  This Round the Bay Trike Tour stays as close as possible to the edge of Port Phillip Bay, with the intention of showing the great Diversity of what the Bay has to offer. There is always something different to look at as the Tour unfolds, so as well as enjoying the ride, the many facets of what Port Phillip Bay supplies and industry it supports makes for a most interesting day.

The excitement really starts coming across the Westgate Bridge and edging along near the mouth of the Yarra, seeing some of the Western Suburbs and its beaches you possibly did not know were there.  The Housing varies hugely in age, some of the industries have been here for eons, and talking to your Rider who will talk about the points of interest as you go.

Going Round the Bay the Trike travels at varying speeds, including some “Whoosh” highway speeds where the wind in your face is a real blast, all the time with different sights to see and enjoy.

As we come into North Shore in Geelong, it’s quite a busy Shipping Port on the Northern edges of Corio Bay, the number of large Cargo Ships lined up along the shoreline just shows the diversity of that part of our Port Phillip Bay.  Geelong itself, all along the waterfront you can see the Original Historic Buildings, the Pier, The SteamPacket Gardens, Eastern Beach, all just glistening in the sunlight.

It’s time here to stretch your legs, enjoy the view, get your Photo taken on the Trike, we even saw two Dolphins on out last visit.  It would be easy to spend quite a few hours along the Waterfront here, Geelong is a great place to visit………that’s a story for another time.

We press on to the Northern reaches of the Bellarine Peninsula, visit a winery where apart from having terrific wine, the food is fantastic (snack or mail meal). However for this TrikeMan, I sit jealously having a wonderful Flat White Coffee on the Balcony overlooking Corio Bay, while my happy passengers taste and sip away at a wide choice of nice local wines. (Sometimes it’s just not fair!!).

As we travel along the Western side of the Bay towards Queenscliff, my perception is that an Idyllic Lifestyle Like No Other exists here, which I marvel at every time I take this tour. This is fairly open country here, the City smells have gone, the fresh air, the water, the holiday houses, the caravan and camping parks, like I say, what a wonderful lifestyle it would be.

You get a real sense of history arriving in Queenscliff, the amazing architecture, the narrowness of the Port Phillip Bay Heads, watching all the ships enter and leave the bay, there is lots to see.  On our travels we found this amazing Bakery, it’s one of our options for lunch, depending on time and then onto the ferry across to Sorrento.

The Trikes are always a Hit on the ferry, lots of conversations and thank you to all our Trike Tour passengers who always talk up the Tour.  Terrific free advertising, you can’t beat it, so thank you again.

When the Trikes come off the ferry at Sorrento, lots of finger pointing and photos from the people waiting to board, plus lots of “Royal Waves” from our passengers on the back of the Trike. We then press on up the Mornington Peninsula Coast, depending on the time of year it is a sea of Campers, Caravans and Tents along the beachfront.

At this stage we turn away from the beachfront and start to make our way up to Arthur’s Seat Lookout via another Winery and a Local Produce Farm, (a late lunch sometimes) and then onward to the amazing view of Arthur’s Seat Lookout.

Making our way up into the hills, once again the fresh air washes past your face, the different smell of the gumtrees, then the fruit trees, just another part of what makes this tour so special. This TrikeMan lives in the middle of Melbourne in Docklands, so every time, I enjoy the ride just as much as our customers.

There are a few Photo opportunities, hence our encouragement to bring you camera.  Bring your best smile and Royal Wave as well, as you will be photographed many times during the day. As I say, this Trike Tour really is a full day adventure.

Back down the hill to the beachfront, alongside the coast again where we actually travel UNDER the water, we will keep that a secret until you are on the tour, just another point of difference on this full day Trike Tour.

Making our way back up towards Mornington, the Coastline of Port Phillip Bay becomes a little more rugged, still having lots of secluded little beaches along the way, plus we see (as I put it) “How the Other Half Lives” along through Mt Eliza and then into Frankston which is sometimes called the “Gateway” to the Mornington Peninsula.

Now on the edge of Suburbia we tag along the edge of the Bay until we get to Beach Road where once again the beaches open up, the housing goes more upmarket as we wander past many Millionaire’s Mansions on our way back towards the Melbourne CBD. We are back in the hustle bustle of City Driving, however in late afternoon, the sun is normally out and about, making this part of the journey home quite special and enjoyable.

Our Famous Brighton Beach huts are our last point of call for a photo, peak hour traffic is about, going the other way thankfully, as we travel at reasonable speed all the way back to Port Melbourne to complete the “Lap” of Port Phillip Bay.

By now we have done around 320 Kilometres for the day, we have been on this full day Trike Tour for approximately 8 hours, so it has been a big day on the Trike.  This TrikeMan always feels a mixture of Exhilaration and Exhaustion after our Tours, this Full Day Trike Tour in particular. I explain it as being really quite tired but “Wired” at the same time.  It might be all that fresh air going up my nose into my brain all day, as we wear open face helmets.

We always ask our customers for feedback about our Trike Tours, and the feedback on this Full Day Trike Tour with this TrikeMan is always positive, so we must be doing something right.  Whenever we get a Round the Bay booking, all our part time riders are pretty keen to volunteer, which is also a good sign.

So I suppose the next challenge about this Full Day Trike Tour is for you.

Book one of our Full Day Adventures and then you can tell me what you think.  It’s a Great Way to See Port Phillip Bay, Greater Melbourne as well as a fantastic way to spend a day.  We do put just as much effort into our shorter Trike Tours as well, if this one doesn’t fit your budget.

It is always about you, the Customer, it has to be an enjoyable ride.

Feel free to comment, or call us to discuss this particular Trike Tour, or any of our other Trike Tours, we are not hard to find.

I look forward to taking you on your own Three Wheeled Adventure Trike Tour, right here in Docklands, Melbourne sometime soon and thank you for reading my blog.

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